Did you know that there is a Caribbean, Calypso Style, Pan Band (steel drums) right here in Columbia, MO? We are the Banana Oil Pan Band. Pans are unique musical instrumens, developed in Trinidad & Tobago in the late 1940's. They are made from discarded 55 gallon steel drums and are often called "steel drums". Regardless of what name is used, it is their delightfully unique sounds that is unforgettable. If you have visited the Caribbean, you are probably familiar with pans and the festive melodies and rhythms associated with Calypso pan music. this music is appropriate for any occasion where people intend to be entertained and have a good time. Luaus, pool parties, block parties, fundraisers, art fairs, birthday parties, weddings, anniversaries, business or social conventions, picnics and luncheons are especially good candidates.